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What Makes Us Different?LSEDC Strategic Direction
In this part of the country, it’s all about hard work and a moral sense of responsibility, and nowhere is this more evident than right here in Lee’s Summit. We pride ourselves in being a haven where big ideas can flourish. Our City’s collaborative culture provides the impetus for local business to take root and successfully compete on the regional, national and international stage. Our fertile business environment makes us the economic driver of eastern Jackson County while being a community that nourishes an enjoyment of life that brings balance to all those who call Lee’s Summit home.

The LSEDC is a public-private sector partnership devoted to improving the economic well-being of residents and businesses in Lee’s Summit through its mission:

Lee’s Summit’s community spirit approach to business represents a collaborative, pro-business atmosphere, which we and community allies have found to be conducive in attracting and retaining jobs and business investment. We believe this is how life was meant to be.

To promote and enhance the City of Lee’s Summit as a model community for economic innovation and growth fueled by a pro-business environment, diverse economic base and commitment to strong relationships and work ethic.

Every city or state in the nation seems to operate from the same playbook (EcoDevo 101) to attract or expand businesses. You’ll hear ad nauseam the same classic talking points as to why business professionals should choose one city over another. These points of differentiation can become desperate and transparent attempts to create the illusion of being different in a sea of sameness.

We refuse to position Lee’s Summit as a commodity. Based on the competitive environment, we see a real opportunity to seize the high ground by changing and leading the conversation in an entirely new direction which would also allow us to redefine the entire category based on three critical insights:

  • Staying relevant is the main challenge facing businesses today.
  • Market leaders will not stay leaders if they’re not responsive to the changing business environment.
  • To be successful our tone today-needs to communicate optimism, enthusiasm and honesty. (Pandering is the opposite of leadership).

Eyes towards the Future

We are proud to be the employment center of Eastern Jackson County. Our residents and businesses are strong in education, health care, advance manufacturing, information technology, professional services, educational attainment and household income. Altogether, Lee’s Summit’s economic base exceeds $2 billion.

The Economic Reset tells us where to go:

  • We must expand our offerings from greenfield sites, manufacturing and retail to include more healthcare service and technology-driven business.
  • We must repurpose and revitalize aging physical, commercial and neighborhood properties.
  • We must make Lee Summit attractive to companies AND people. To do this, we need to clearly communicate that we are a community with vision and energy which safeguards our people and our tax base while attracting future generations with the skill-sets of tomorrow.
  • We harness and leverage the contagious entrepreneurial spirit that has been the foundation for Lee’s Summit’s success.
  • We must embrace and reinforce the notion that our community is one where investment values AND intellectual capital continue to appreciate.

We embrace the fact that “community” is in our DNA, and that community is all about joining together, sharing resources, and celebrating successes. These collaborations affirm that we are indeed a community which shares a sense of purpose.


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