B&B Theatres announces comprehensive remodel of Lee’s Summit 16 in Lee’s Summit, MO!

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September 6, 2017B&B Theatres is pleased to announce that work is underway on a comprehensive remodel of its theater location in Lee’s Summit, located at 1451 NE Douglas Street in Lee’s Summit, MO!

The theater will remain open throughout the remodeling process. 

Multiple improvements are currently being implemented and installed, including full-scale seat replacements! Dated static seats are being removed to make way for luxury electric, leather reclining theater chairs. A new point-of-sale software was recently installed, the implementation of which has enabled reserved seating in all sixteen auditoriums. Additionally, the software allows guests to participate in the B&B Theatres Backstage Pass Loyalty Program, a rewards system through which repeat guests can earn discounts on tickets, concessions, and other great promotions.

Other plans include a comprehensive overhaul of the concession area, replacing outdated fixtures and realigning the lobby area with the B&B brand. New carpets and restroom improvements will be included in the remodeling effort, bringing a new polish and shine to a wonderful hometown theater.

Last but not least, customers will be excited to learn about the installation of self-serve soda fountains, which will afford them the opportunity to fill their own drinks, mix flavors, and enjoy free refills on all drink sizes.

Many other exciting and major improvements and developments are included as part of this comprehensive effort, and updates will be released routinely on B&B Theatres social media channels.

In addition to this massive remodel at the Douglas Street location, B&B has also announced that construction on a 7-screen boutique theater is underway in the New Longview Development in Lee’s Summit. Dirtwork has been done, and construction is slated to begin in the Fall with an estimated completion date of April 2018.

Company History
B&B Theatres has been family owned and operated since 1924 when Elmer Bills Sr. opened a movie house in Salisbury, Missouri where the future Mrs. Bills played the piano for silent movies. During the company’s 93 years, and four generations of family involvement, it has seen the coming of sound, color, Technicolor, stadium seating, multiplexes, and now digital cinema.

Current Operations
B&B Theatres is the 7th largest theatre chain in North America and operates 400 screens at 50 locations in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida.

Contact: Paul Farnsworth, Director of Public Relations, B&B Theatres