Joe Reardon Speaks about Transition at our Annual Meeting

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This year’s Annual Meeting was all about Transition.

We heard departing words from our Chairman, Brad Cox as he welcomed our in-coming Chair, Bill Brown and recognized Rick Viar on his time spent on the Board.

Be sure to take some time to “click” around on our site to learn more about our new Executive Committee and the updated list of Board/Advisory Board Members.


Guest Speaker, Joe Reardon spent time engaging the group about his experience with Transition. Specifically his work as the Mayor/CEO of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, KS and the collaborative effort in bringing Google Fiber to the area. He solidified the reoccurring message that looking forward and working as a team is imperative to success.

Thanks to all our Investors who took time to celebrate a rewarding year and Transition into the new year with us!