Leadership Is A Civic Responsibility

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Lee’s Summit Tribune

There is no blueprint as to what makes a perfect City Council candidate. What we do know is that great community leaders can be women, men, younger or older, people of diverse ethnicities, low-income or affluent, those with disabilities, white collar or blue, or any and all in between. We believe community leaders can and do come from all walks of life. They are people who share our concerns on a number of issues: economic development, crime, the environment, substance abuse, health care, education and youth development, and a litany of other topics impacting our city.

In early 2001, a group of community stakeholders created the Civic Roundtable, an invitation-only collaborative group formed to encourage, promote, and initiate community improvements. Membership is based on five pillars of community which include: Local Government, Business, Education, Religious, and Health/Social Services. These five pillars inter-connect with the issues that our community leaders grapple with each day.