Lee’s Summit EDC to Business Community: Walk This Way

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Economic development organization struts its stuff at 30th annual meeting

ls_edc3Jackson County Executive Frank White helped the Lee’s Summit Economic Development Council celebrate its 30th anniversary at its annual meeting and luncheon on July 13 at the Gamber Community Center Ballroom.

The former Royals second baseman and longtime Lee’s Summit resident told the crowd of about 100 LSEDC investors and supporters that he wants to take Jackson County to the next level. “And the way to do that is through economic development and partnerships.”

Jackson County Director of Economic Development John Sweeney updated investors on county development projects, including redevelopment plans for the Rock Island Railroad Corridor, which runs through Lee’s Summit.

“The Jackson County Executive likes to say, ‘Let’s make things happen, ‘” Sweeney said. In nod to Frank White’s former career, Sweeney showed the audience customized county baseballs that say, “Let’s go make things happen.”IMG_4073

Sticking with the baseball theme, incoming President Christine Bushyhead thanked LSEDC’s most recent All-Stars, which included past chairmen Rick Viar, Brad Cox and Bill Brown. The owner of Bushyhead LLC thanked investors for the contributions to the economic success of Lee’s Summit and told them to be ready for a busy year ahead.

“We are going to take our renewed swagger and get engaged,” Bushyhead said. “(We’ll be”) thinking with vision, enhancing our community product, inspiring new leadership and completing our operational reorganization.”

*photos provided by Angie Jeffries, Jackson County Communications