LSEDC Board Adopts Resolution Supporting SB 182

EDC StaffEconomic Policy

The LSEDC Board of Directors overwhelmingly approved a resolution voicing support for Missouri Senate Bill 182, a measure passed by Missouri lawmakers that calls for detente in the ongoing Bi-State Border War over economic development incentives.

SB 182 was proposed by Missouri State Sen. Mike Cierpiot and colleagues and has been forwarded to Kansas lawmakers. The LSEDC resolution calls the Border War between Missouri and Kansas a “zero sum game” and states that it “is cannibalizing economic opportunity in municipalities in both states.”

SB 182 specifically prohibits the offering of tax incentives to companies that would move from the metro Kansas City counties in Kansas to those in Missouri, on the condition that Kansas would adopt similar legislation to stop the offering of incentives to companies that move in the opposite direction. Click here to view the full resolution.