MEDC Announces State Cut to Missouri Partnership

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Budget Back in Governor Greitens’ Hands

On Thursday, the General Assembly sent its fiscal year 2018 budget to Governor Greitens.  The General Assembly was tasked with cutting more than $500 million from the budget, making this the worst state budget situation in at least a generation.  Given the dire fiscal forecast, almost no program or institution’s budget was left uncut.

Missouri Partnership

The legislature eliminated the business recruitment and marketing line item in House Bill 7 that the State of Missouri uses to contract with the Missouri Partnership.  The Partnership is Missouri’s lead business attraction unit, which has attracted 3,400 jobs to the state in the last ten months.  The Partnership receives a sizable portion of its funding from the State, but receives some additional funds from private sector donations – which will be needed to sustain the Partnership’s success through this difficult state budget cycle.

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