Take Ten with Tina

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The Lee’s Summit EDC has happily promoted Tina Chace to Director of Business Development. In her new role, Tina is leading LSEDC’s business retention, workforce development, and investor relations. The Skinny sat down to “Take Ten With Tina” to hear her game plan:

Q: You spent a lot of time working to promote the organization’s efforts in Business Retention and Expansion and Workforce the past few years. Now that it will be your primary focus, what initiatives do you plan to implement your first year? 

A: As an organization, we dedicated a lot of time and energy in the last couple of years re-vamping a new BR/E and Workforce program. My goal is to keep the momentum going! This first year will have a good amount of windshield time for me, working to build relationships with our local employers as well as attending regional workforce initiative meetings and conferences. 

Q: Do you have a particular passion when it comes to Economic Development? 

A: I really enjoy assisting our business community. Lee’s Summit has a significant amount of small to mid-size employers who are scaling up right now with the up-tick in the 

economy. You can feel it when you talk to them one-on-one. If I can make a connection for them that will result in cost savings, solve a workforce pain or assist them in expanding here in the community- I’ve made a difference. 

Q: How do you think your previous experience will help you in your new role? 

A: I have more than 20 years of experience in business administration and marketing for corporations, small business owners and entrepreneurs. I get it. Running a business is not easy. One minute you are trying to reach your targeted audience, the next minute you’re trying to keep up with the demand. As a resource to our business community, I really think that helps. 

Q: Workforce is a hot topic in Economic Development right now. What is your opinion on this as it relates to Lee’s Summit? 

A: There are a lot of workforce initiatives going on throughout the Kansas City region right now. Everyone is feeling the pain of a less than 3 percent unemployment rate and even if
that goes up in the next year, we will still struggle with shortages in a number of industries– specifically the trades. Overall, Lee’s Summit businesses aren’t struggling to fill massive amounts of jobs right now but if we continue to grow as planned and want to remain a diverse economic business community, we will have to address this need. 

Q: Is there a specific message you want to send to the business community about the LSEDC and your role there? 

A: I would encourage every business owner, executive and community partner who has a stake in the development of Lee’s Summit to get involved with our organization. As a public-private partnership, we advocate on behalf of the business community. Lee’s Summit is known for a strong sense of collaboration and commitment to community. There is something for everyone who wants to get involved.