Top Economist Shares Insights with LSEDC Investors

Stephani BordnerWhat's Happening

Don McArthur of the Commerce Trust Company was the featured speaker for the Lee’s Summit Economic Development Council’s February Investor Spotlight. McArthur is the Senior Vice President and Senior Investment Strategist & Director of Equity Research for Commerce Trust in Kansas City.

During his presentation, McArthur told LSEDC investors that he expects the U.S. economy will grow in 2020.

With an election cycle, changing interest rates and an outbreak of the coronavirus, McArthur said there are a lot of factors at play in predicting the economic forecast for 2020. However, he was optimistic, especially after a strong conclusion to 2019.

“It’s fun for me to come on a year like this where … everybody’s made money on their portfolios,” said McArthur.

McArthur has been with the Commerce Trust Company since 2006. He now manages the company’s Fundamental S&P 500 Equity Strategy.